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Amazon Flex & Sixt Share – summer cooperation in Munich

Amazon Flex is launching a special offer for registered delivery partners in Munich! From the 1st of July, you can get 6 vouchers and drive the SIXT share cars for 8 cents a minute during the first two blocks and then 10 cents a minute for another 4! Register as a delivery partner in the Flex App and you will receive an e-mail with the vouchers which you can use by downloading the SIXT App (download it here for Android and here for Apple). ​​​​ 

Highlights of the summer cooperation

  • The offer is available only in Munich from 1st of July to 1st of October
  • You will get 6 vouchers to use for 6 different delivery slots
  • The total value of vouchers will reach 40 Euros
  • With the vouchers, the SIXT Share cars will cost as low as 8 cents per minute during the first 2 blocks
  • After your fourth block, you will still benefit from the 4-hour package price at a rate of 12 cents per minute

Find out more about the cooperation here.

What is Amazon Flex?

Amazon is constantly striving to serve customers better and more flexibly, while creating new opportunities for people around the world. That’s why Amazon Flex was founded as a sub company with its own package delivery system.. Amazon Flex is looking for you to become an independent delivery partner providing Amazon packages to customers in your spare time. You work according to your own schedule and earn 25€+ per hour: It's a ride worth taking.

Amazon Flex is already available in many countries worldwide where thousands of delivery partners deliver Amazon parcels everyday. Amazon Flex was introduced in Germany in 2019 and is constantly growing and launching more and more stations across the country.

Join the Amazon Flex team now by just following 4 steps and become your own boss.

Requirements to getting started

A vehicle

Whether your car, your friend’s car, or car-sharing, just make sure it has at least 4 doors


Legal documents

You’ll need a valid driver’s license



You’ll be able to choose shifts between 2 - 8 hours on days that work best for you


A cell phone

You’ll choose shifts and track payments through the Amazon Flex app



You need to be at least 18 years of age


How to become a delivery partner?

01. Register here & download the app

Sign up now to receive an e-mail with further instructions on how to download the app. The app will guide you step by step through the registration process.


02. Create an account

Simply sign in with your amazon account. Don’t have an amazon account yet? No problem, you can simply create an account in seconds.


03. Upload required documents

As an Amazon Flex delivery partner, you will have to submit copies of the following: Your driver’s license and your identity card. If you need help with the above-mentioned papers, feel free to join us at a registration event in your city.


04. Start Driving!

Get started! Simply select the delivery block that suits your availability. When your shift starts, pick up the packages and your Amazon Flex app will direct you to the delivery locations through GPS. And just like that, you’re making money on your own time!


Sign up now!