Health measures for Amazon Flex supply partners

Your safety as an Amazon Flex supplier partner, and the safety of our customers is critical to us. We have, therefore, taken extensive measures to protect you and our customers from infection with the coronavirus (COVID-19).

The most important rules

In general, you should always pay attention to the following:

  • Keep at least 2 meters distance from other people
  • Always wear a face mask
  • Wash your hands regularly

Corona protection measures before the start of your delivery block

We ask you, as a Flex delivery partner, to take your body temperature before you set off for the start of your tour. The Amazon Flex app will ask you to confirm that you have taken your temperature and that it is lower than 37.5°C. You will be asked this question every time you select "Start Trip" in the app.

Select "yes" if your temperature is below 37.5° C and drive to the start location of your block as usual.

Choose "no" if your temperature is higher than 37.5° C. In this case, please stay at home and consult a doctor. Only when you have been free of fever for at least 72 hours (without the help of antipyretic medication) can you deliver again. We will cancel all your blocks for that day. This will not affect your status.

If you have answered "no" by mistake, but do not have a fever, contact the support team. If you are not sure if you have a fever, stay at home as a precaution. Your blocks will be canceled, again without affecting your status.

In any case, stay at home if any of the following things apply:

  • You have a dry cough or shortness of breath
  • You have a raised temperature or fever
  • You've been in close contact with a COVID-19 infected person for the last 14 days
  • You are currently in a quarantine that has been ordered by a doctor or an authority

Corona protection measures when collecting your goods

Pickup at Amazon Logistics distribution center

Maintain a two-meter distance from Amazon employees and other delivery/flex delivery partners. Disposable face masks are available at the distribution center. Always wear them to the end of your block. Please have an Amazon representative give you a mask upon arrival at the distribution center. You can also wear a personally owned  fabric face mask. The mask must cover your nose and mouth, be secured with straps or ear loops, and allow you to breathe freely. Reusable masks must be washed every day they are used.

Pick up at Prime Now location

The same measures apply as in the Amazon Logistics distribution center.  Additionally, the following rules must be observed at Prime Now locations:

  • Upon arrival, remain seated in your vehicle with the windows closed. Other passengers must remain in the vehicle at all times.
  • Follow the instructions to park your car and wait in your vehicle with closed windows until you are assigned a route.
  • Once you are assigned the route, security staff will inform you when you can go to the pickup area. You may have to wait until there is enough space to allow 2 meters of distance to other people.

Corona-protection measures during the transfer of goods

The minimum distance of 2 meters must also be maintained towards customers. Therefore, put the package in front of the customer's door, knock, step back at least 2 meters and wait until the customer has accepted the package. For deliveries with proof of age, please ask the customer both to put the ID on the floor and to step back while you check their ID. If possible, leave the ID card on the floor without touching it during the check. Customers only need to sign upon receipt of their goods if the value of the goods exceeds 1.000 €.

    Deliveries with "No recipient required"

    Some orders are displayed in the app with "No recipient required." For such deliveries, no person needs to be present when you deliver the package. Please pay attention to this:

    • Follow the customer's instructions in the delivery notes as to where to place the package.
    • If there are no delivery notes, put the package in a safe place. The safest place is usually at the customer's front door. If this is not possible, make sure that the parcel is not directly in the street, visible from the road, at the door of the building, in the entrance area of the building under direct sunlight, or easily accessible to the public or animals. If possible, ring or knock on the customer's door.
    • If no safe place can be found, please call or text the customer by tapping "Help" in the app and ask them politely for delivery instructions.
    • For cool bags, take the brown bags out of the cool bag and place them in a safe place or a location specified by the customer in the delivery notes.
    • If you  cannot find a safe place or the customer is not available, mark the order as undelivered and select "No safe place to store." Never give orders with "No recipient required" to a neighbor. If you have time, try to deliver the order again at the end of your delivery block. Make sure you return undelivered orders to the distribution center.

    Further measures during the delivery of parcels

    • Please clean frequently touched surfaces both at the beginning and end of your route.  Common frequently touched surfaces include keys, steering wheel, door handles, knobs, and other parts of your vehicle.
    • Wash your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds. Use soap or an alcohol-based hand disinfectant.
    • Always use a handkerchief when coughing or sneezing. After use, throw it in the trash, followed by thorough hand washing.
    • Please wash fabric face masks after each day you have used them.

    FAQ on Corona measures for Flex supply partners

    • How high is the risk that I will be infected with Corona during the delivery of parcels?

      If you comply with all the security measures described on this page, the risk of infection is very low. Always keep a safe distance of 2 meters, wash your hands regularly and hand over parcels and other objects without contact.

    • Do I have to wear a face mask?

      Yes, you must always wear a face mask from the beginning of your delivery block to the end.

    • Do I have to bring my own mask?

      You will receive a mask from us when you pick up your parcels at the distribution center or Prime Now location. You can also use your own mask if you prefer.

    • Do I need gloves?

      Gloves are not compulsory. But if you want to wear some, you are welcome to do so.

    • Can I get disinfectant from Amazon?

      There are disinfectant dispensers in the distribution centers and Prime Now locations that you can and should use. During your tour, please use your own disinfectant or ensure hygiene by washing your hands frequently.

    • Does the recipient of the package have to sign at the delivery?

      The recipient only has to sign if the value of their goods is 1.000 € or more.

    • How do I hand over the package without contact?

      You put the package in front of the apartment door, ring the bell or knock and step back 2 meters. When the customer has opened and accepted the package, the handover is complete. However, please note the special features for deliveries with „No recipient required“. 

    • Do I have to wait until the recipient has opened the door? Or can I leave the parcel on the doorstep?

      With normal deliveries, you must wait until the customer has received the package. Exceptions are deliveries with „No recipient required“ 

    Amazon puts safety first